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What would it take you to have the confidence to be bold and assertive with a new idea?  It may be something that noone is keen on but you know without a doubt it will bring about positive change?  Could you do it?  

Maybe it is sitting in a classroom or a training session and not being shy about answering or asking questions.    In general the average person doesn’t ask enough questions. What would it look like if you challenged yourself to be more inquisitive about life, asking questions to learn and grow with new knowledge. To force yourself to spend time with people to learn about them and to let them learn about you.

What if you could take your positive outlook on life, share your exuberance and dreams for the future and, without worrying about anyone else, start courageously going for it!  Racing for the dream and working hard to get there.  I know a lot of entrepreneurs who have that passion and a great number of leaders who wished they had the courage to take a leap of faith.

You will never know until you try and the willingness to try is 90% of the battle. 

Give it a go!  
Standing out from the crowd, isn’t so bad.

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