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Mental health and the growing burden of stress has become a rampant problem. 1 in 3 people in North America alone suffer from some time of mental health issue.

We all experience stress in some way shape or form. Learning smart coping skills and ways to alleviate some of the daily pressure helps. For those that are courageous and bold enough, taking the time to dig deep to uncover feelings of failure, fear, despair, disappointment, bitterness etc… will be the first step in truly discovering what it means to be released from those life sucking emotions.

As a coach, it is amazing to see the transformation that happens when I see people face their past and their perceptions and start to intentionally make positive change.   The first step is often the hardest but just like running, you get stronger with each passing step and you learn to be resiliency and eventually you find joy and fulfillment in the work you have put in.

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