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One of the biggest complaints in this era is the lack of focus that people give one another.  With so many distractions that pull us from actually focusing on the person in front of us who is wanting to spend time with you.

I am guilty of it as well.   Many times I have been asked a question by my team and even my family, only to be in the middle of writing and email or in the middle of texting.   Yes, guilty as charged.  I recognized it and started making changes, working on mono tasking so that I was giving any one thing my full attention. That certainly works in the right situation.

Really, I think it comes down to respect, intuition and making people a priority. As leaders there are many times where we aren’t approached to solve the world’s problems but rather we are respected enough that someone just wants to have a conversation, be mentored or share something of importance.

Ask yourself if you are missing moments that you shouldn’t be?  Listening can bring about more change, impact and results that you may think. Give it a try and see how the relationships around you start to transform with the attention that you give it.

Thoughts to ponder.

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