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Are you the type of person who instead of tackling problems as they occur, tend to run away and ignore the situation at hand?  What usually happens is that it starts to amount to something bigger than what it actually was and overtime becomes more challenging to deal with.

Becoming more disciplined and confident in your capacity to deal with conflict, decision making and leadership will slowly enable you to deal with issues in a more seamless and capable way. It takes practice, doesn’t often feel good at the time but the relief in having tackled something that is bothering you, far outweighs the pain of having to deal with it when it catches up to you.

Breathe, look at the situation (aside from your emotions) and weigh the impact and outcomes of how you could potentially deal with the problems at hand.  Seek the support of a mentor, colleague, trusted friend or professional if you need a helping hand. Not asking for help is often the problem!

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