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I love the sound of a really good rain storm especially this time of year as it rolls in off the lake.  

I was thinking about the life of a business and it’s relation to a summer storm.  Starting and running a business is exciting and also difficult many times.   It takes time to get your vision off the ground and a lot of hard work.

As with many leaders and entrepreneurs, you may think you are not making gains, but just like the brewing of a good storm, your ideas need time to form, grow and mature before it is unleashed.

The beauty of a great storm is that there is calm after the storm and often a rainbow … and you know the old adage of the rainbow.  There is said to be the pot of gold waiting.

Don’t give up when it seems all you are getting is rumblings from your hard work.   It just may be part of the process of creating an even bigger impact that what you currently imagine.

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