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To me, there is nothing more deflating than not be listened to.

Taking the time to share your heart, your ideas, your views, whatever it may be and having it fall on deaf ears.  I realize that I am guilty of this as well. Talking incessantly and forgetting that someone else may need an opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

One of the greatest gifts each one of us has to give is the art of listening. I mean, really listening.  Not being distracted but rather being in the moment with someone, whether it be your kids, your partner, your clients, your friends.   For me, I know that I have built the best and most trusted relationships in my life and my work from being one who genuinely wants to listen.  To understand the cares, concerns and the dreams of others.

These are the opportunities that we miss. The opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life. The only cost to do this is time.

Who are you willing to sit with today?

It is often what we don’t say that makes the biggest impact.

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