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Have you ever taken a really close look at the people in your life?  

From your friends, to the people you work with, to your family, ask the question, how well you really know them.

With the extreme rise in mental health statistics it has made me stop to ponder what is really happening in the lives of those that I care about.  It also makes me take another look at my team and customers to really try and see them.

The best relationships I have are ones that show me respect, give me attention, listen to me when I am talking and those who find the joy in life but aren’t afraid to share their struggles.   In return, I make the commitment to do the same.

You may also want to take a second look at remove certain people around you once you define the type of relationships you are willing to invest in.  It is not about the number of people you have on your friends list but rather the people that you really know.

Making that little extra effort will make a difference.

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