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The most incredible discoveries did not happen overnight.         They happened trying to solve a problem that hasn’t yet been solved. Most discoveries come on the heels of proving what can’t be done and then all of a sudden, one day the absolutely best thing happened.   They proved what can be done.   

You see, innovation is about ruling out possibilities. It is about connecting the dots where there may not be dots yet.  It is about opening up your mind and your thinking to the potential of what could be done.  Often times, it needs the thinking of more than one person. That collaboration allows viewpoints, knowledge and ideas coming from all different perceptions.  

Do you have what you believe is a great idea?  

You might just be on the leading edge of something unique and needed in this world.  Pursuing advances in innovation also requires having the resiliency and tenacity to stick with it.  To learn how to keep at it until the problem is solved.

These are the times, right now, that innovation is evolving faster than we have ever seen it. From technology, to healthcare to business processes, to energy, to our food sources (bio tech); also most ever sector is seeing advances like never before. 

There are many problems to be solved. Big ones and even little ones. It all matters.  Start with asking questions, many questions before you form any judgements. 

The best basis for good research is understanding the problem you are trying to solve and figuring out how to deal with the root of that problem.  When you find that root, the most exciting turn of events many happen and this is shifting your perception from a negative problem to a most exciting opportunity. 

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