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My life has been so blessed for over a decade to have lived and worked out of Moncton, New Brunswick.   The people are some of the friendliest in the world and the quality of life and the vibrancy in the business community are ones that I cherish.

The tragic events of June 4th have resonated far and wide throughout the country.   It has been heartwarming and heartbreaking to watch those I care about suffer and my heart breaks for everyone affected.

Today marks the day where final goodbyes and heartfelt respect will be paid to our brave RCMP and those in law enforcement that work hard to protect our communities.  We take for granted that when we say goodbye to our loved ones int the morning that we will see them when they return home.

Today, I pay my respects not only to the RCMP who protected beautiful Moncton but also the citizens of this city who stand proud, resilient and have taken back their city with hope for a brighter future ahead. #monctonspirit

God Bless all.

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