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There is something to be said for ingenuity.

One who is clever,  original and inventive. We need more people in our world who have the gift of ingenuity. To be able to apply ideas to solve problems and meet challenges head on.

In today’s marketplace the idea of “intellectual capital” is at a premium. Finding great people who not only have the willingness and desire to work, knowledge and awareness of what is need of them but also the ‘ingenuity” to bring to the table their creative spirit. It is in this spirit where innovation is born.  If we were ever in a time of evolution and reinvention of how we work, it is now.

The years ahead will bring a myriad of new jobs we have never heard of before a new breed of thinkers and doers that don’t let “what can’t be done” hold them back as they are curious enough to find out “what can be done”

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