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You Have Everything You Need To Achieve Greatness!

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This week I met some of the world’s top individuals in fitness as well as some extraordinary entrepreneurs who all work hard to make a difference in the lives of their clients and communities.   Each of these individuals has achieved success and notoriety in numerous areas of their lives, but they are still hungry to make a larger impact on their world. They are firecrackers, when they walk into a room the room explode with energy!


What I admire about these outgoing spirits is that you can sense hope and excitement in most everything they do. You know the type of people that everyone gravitates towards. They show up places exuding confidence and sharing hope. They participate and are present in discussions and they look for opportunities to contribute. They make connections, value relationships and show interest in others. They know the value of knowledge and are willingly and intentionally learning and acquiring new information.


So, what separates the outgoing and successful from the not so successful?


Do they have special training? No. Do they have super powers? No. Do they have some can of super juice that they can pull out at a moment’s notice for a magical boost? No. There is only one thing that they do differently than their counterparts who aren’t as successful and I assure you, everyone has the power to do it. It quite simply is deciding to have the belief that you have the capacity to play a bigger game in life. It is very easy to get locked into the trap of feeling less than or unworthy of being bestowed with terrific opportunities but if you stretch yourself and your self limiting beliefs you will succeed. One of my favourite pieces of advice to people is to dream big and be bold. If you have the willingness to say “YES” to opportunities and you are also committed to take action you will conquer your goals.


Imagine if you embraced the naive enthusiasm of your childhood and allowed yourself to be open to new adventures and experiences.  Imagine having no fear or trepidation but rather a sense of joyous life that encouraged you to thrive and you knew it was yours for the taking. How would that change how you live?


So, what sets apart the ones who just seem to have it all from those who don’t? For some it’s luck but for many it comes down to the willingness to say “yes”, getting great information, developing a smart strategy and acting on it.


Your potential is waiting for YOU! Show up and live fully! You deserve it!


Within you is the power to achieve everything you've ever dreamed of." “Within you is the power to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

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