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Did you know that laughter is good for your health and well being?
Maybe it just takes having a little humour in your life to lift you up and those around you.

Here are some cool facts about the benefits of laughter.

1.  Laughing releases endorphins and that brings about a sense of well being.  
Endorphins are your body’s natural pain killer, and when released through laughter, it is like a natural drug to help you feel so much better.

2.  Laughing gives you a workout!   If you laugh 100 times a day it equals a 15 minute cardio workout!  Laughter lowers your blood pressure and it also works your abdominal area diaphragm, facial, leg, back and respiratory muscles.

3.  Laugh your way to better health.  When you laugh, your immune system is activated thus helping to fight off any unwanted intruders in your body.

4. Laughter builds great team and boosts creativity! There are many team building benefits with laughter. Whether is at work with family or with friends, those that take time to laugh together, feel better about who they spend time with are more apt to problem solve and find ways to do things better.

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