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Consider your life as a wonderfully appointed orchestra.

One that is made up of many different people who, at different times, make their entrance and exit in their own special way. At the end of the day each person plays a unique part, some longer and some shorter, in the beautiful symphony called “Your Life”.

When we allow God to orchestrate those people, situations and scenarios, the result is a sound that is perfectly written for each one of us.

Trust God’s perfect timing to bring the people we need in our life at the right time for the right purpose. Those people create moments that when pulled together in the bigger picture, result in a moving symphonic sound that is uniquely ours.  A fully conducted movement that seamlessly flows from one tempo to another and somewhere along the way, we can understand that the difficult times were part of the deep beauty of this symphony.

When we choose to appoint God as the ultimate conductor of life, that is when amazing moments happen. When our breathe is taken away and we are moved beyond words;  through an emotional journey that drives deep understanding, gratitude and aligns our faith with the One who has made all and directs all.

You don’t have to understand it all but you do have to trust in the process.  As it is in the process of life that results in what size orchestra will be appointed for your specially written symphony.

Imagine what the sound would be?

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