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How Tenacity Can Pull You Through Tough Times

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by Paula Morand

Let’s face it. The year 2020 has been a challenging and difficult time for every individual and business across the globe. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking its toll on every work sector and every person’s mental state for much of the year, it’s without a doubt a moment of reckoning. 

Gaining an awareness of your attitude and subsequent actions steps is the primary goal in mitigating the potential stressors. However, there’s another emotional factor that can ease the tension and help with these tough times the entire planet is going through. One word: TENACITY.

What is tenacity?

Being tenacious is a positive term. If someone refers to you as having tenacity, it means you don’t give up, you are persistent, and you do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Despite the meaning also having a negative connotation such as stubbornness, in the end, tenacity is what can pull you through the difficulties of life. 

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” — a phrase often coined to show a person has tenacity. Surviving in tough times also highlights that you are bearers of hope. Any organization, business, teacher, leader, or single parent will attest to tenacious behaviors when called upon to take the bull by the horns during stressful moments. 

Ways to remain tenacious when the going gets tough

It’s difficult to keep up your intensity and commitment if you don’t know what you’re working toward, therefore the following can make it easy for you:

  • Set clear and specific goals. If your goals lack definition, they also tend to lack power, focus, and the ability to really impact your life or business. Periodically check in with your progress and whether or not you need to move the goal post in order to access greater motivation and energy.
  • Surround yourself with tenacious people.  It’s tough to be positive and motivated all the time, but surrounding yourself with motivated and tenacious people can help. Being around other people who are gritty and determined can keep you on track or reinvigorate you when you’re running on fumes. Join relevant meetup or professional groups, identify family members or friends who have tenacity and hang out with them, and tap into your community or resources that offer inspiration to keep going. 
  • Embrace fear. Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle holding you back from your goals is fear. Instead of pretending it doesn’t exist or letting it balloon to paralyzing proportions, accept your fear with wide, open arms. Remember–at best–unaddressed fear will be a huge distraction, and at worst–it can eliminate your motivation.
  • Never be afraid to fail.  Instead of dreading that you’ll make a mistake, accept that your first few attempts may not go smoothly. Give yourself ample room and the freedom to fail, and you’ll notice productivity rise and you’re more likely to put yourself in a position to grow.
  • 5. Be grateful for what you have. The temptation to focus on what you’d like to change, or what’s working against you, or what you don’t have is irresistible. However, doing the opposite can be just as helpful, if not more. Chances are, you’ve come a lot further, done a lot more, and are a lot more successful than you give yourself credit for.

In a nutshell

Everyone has what it takes to be tenacious in times of strife. If you explore your ideas, your rejuvenation remedies, and the various types of information that’s available in the form of historical figures, inspirational authors, or even influential people on the internet, you’ll realize that with the tap of a button, getting out of your rut and being on the road to tenacity has been there all along.

About Paula Morand

Paula Morand is a 14x multi-award-winning entrepreneur and professional speaker who is passionate about helping speakers and experts be seen, be heard and grow their impact. She is the founder of Silver Street Studios, a boutique branding agency and production studio catering to speakers, coaches and professionals with state-of-the-art stage, sound, photography and video capabilities. Featured on Lifetime Television, Success Magazine, Profit Magazine and the Financial Post, Paula is recognized as a global change maker.  Paulamorand.com

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