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TESTIMONIAL – Embracing Life

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How blessed was I to receive a message a number of weeks ago sharing that my posts are making a difference.  Here is a sweet letter from Melanie, a faithful, heart filled with hope and dreams, woman who has made the decision to start living her life more fully.  

Her letter reads:

“Hi Paula.  Quick note to say I made some changes in my life last year.  One of your posts was a huge kick in the butt, saying something to the effect of ‘stop being a howling dog and fix the problem’…I finally did what I had to do and quit my job and went back to school for some quick fast track upgrading and now have a job I absolutely LOVE!  It is amazing how working at a job you have passion for makes a world of difference.  It is a job I would do for free if I didn’t have bills and food to pay for.   Thank-you for your post.”

I have no doubt that sweet Melanie had many inspirations along the way as that’s what life is all about.

Her check-in with me this week made me smile.  

She bought a funky pair of rubber boots and decided to try it out and grab some moments of FUN. Who said traipsing around in rubber boots and looking for puddles is just for kids.  

It makes me so happy to see when people make the decision to start embracing life and making decisions that are right for them, how life can change for the better.

Today I celebrate Melanie. An incredible smart, kind and bright woman who is taking a new lease on life and creating moments that mean something to her. I have no doubt that even in the little things she is inspiring others around her.

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